Let's Talk Design

Let's Talk Design is a series of evenings with speakers from the creative sector talking about their work. At our events we let established creatives talk about their work next to young & upcoming talent.

We bring creatives together to inspire, motivate & connect with them in an informal setting.


  • Eleni Debo is a Belgian illustrator and visual artist, currently living and working in the alpine mountains of Italy. She makes illustrations for books, prints, editorials and campaigns for a variety of international clients.
  • Tom Andries has always been an instigator of original concepts. In 20 years he has created numerous honoured identities. He has learned the tricks of the trade first hand, working for Landor's former creative director Jeremy Dawkins. At Today his role as a genuine fire-starter is to always push ideas beyond the obvious. Tom also teaches Brand Design Masterclasses at several Art Schools, growing fresh Belgian designers and elevating Belgian design all together. 
  • Kidnap your designer is the name of a Belgian graphic design studio started in 2006 by Caroline Dath, a graduate of Saint-Luc Liège and ERG. Damien Safie, a classmate from ERG, joined her in 2008 as partner. The studio, based in Brussels, produces creative works using typography and printing techniques for clients from the music, theatre, cinema, design or architecture fields. Kidnap Your Designer also creates experimental and self-produced projects ('It's Better Here', 'Note' exhibitions, postcards, poster or T-shirts…).
    Graphic design should not exist without ideas.
    When sense makes graphic-design then design-graphic makes sense. 
  • Ken De Keyser is Creative Director at VRT. He has been working as a graphic designer and freelance Art Director for a wide range of media productions since 2004. Over the last few years Ken had a leading role in the rebrand of VRT NWS, working on the brand’s strategy and design language, leading a creative team of directors and designers and creating fresh digital concepts and content formats. 

    ‘In times of fake news and distrust towards media, I want our brand to be visible, especially on social media. I want people to instantly recognise our design language and think: this is reliable, accessible content made by experts.’


  • 19h: Doors open
  • 19h30: Presentations start
  • 22h: Drinks and ending

28 juni 2018



Timmerwerfstraat 40

2000 Antwerpen, België

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Let's talk design


16,92 - 32,65 euro

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