Let’s Talk Design #21

Let’s Talk Design is a one evening conference (held multiple times a year) on the subject of Design and Creativity.

Let's Talk Design is a series of evenings with speakers from the creative sector talking about their work. At our events we let established creatives talk about their work next to young and upcoming talent. Let's Talk Design is a great event to meet other creatives and get inspired in an informal setting.


  • 19u: Doors open
  • 19u30: Speaker 1
  • 20u: Speaker 2
  • 20u30: Break
  • 21u: Speaker 3
  • 21u30: Speaker 4
  • 22u: Drinks


  • Bart Lommelen of creative consultancy agency Fixion, specialised in the fields of design, branding and visual arts. Blending tactics and crafts they provide brands and agencies with strong identities and new aesthetics.
  • Valentin Grégoire of Brussels based creative production & animation studio Squarefish. They have a roster of exciting clients including communication agencies, institutions and production companies both in Belgium and abroad. They specialise in 2D/3D audiovisual production and motion design for cinema, television, and social media. 
  • Ben Urbain of digital branding agency Glossy. Since 2004, Glossy develops innovative brand strategies, design award-winning content and create campaigns for the brands of tomorrow. 
  • Louise Rosenkrands is an illustrator from Copenhagen, Denmark. In the bright and playful illustrations of Louise Rosenkrands, a pattern emerges – sassy women. Throughout her work for various Danish magazines, US and UK titles and companies such as Google and Uniqlo, there are a multitude of female characters that are confident and positive. Working with both analogue and digital techniques there’s a lightness and fun to Louise’s work, with a palette of soft-textured colors adding to their charm. 

Let’s Talk Design is made possible with the support of Design museum Gent and Flanders DC. To consult the Facebookpage, click here.

Studio Tour — Antwerp 2019

Going to Let's Talk Design in Antwerp, and not sure what to do before the event starts? Join our guided studio walk, that shows you around some of the most essential design studios of Antwerp. A great way to connect with and meet other creatives, while getting some insights into the local design scene.

We put the spotlight on three design studios in Antwerp.
KAN - Design & Brand Management
Bagaar - IoT product agency
Made - Design & Innovation

A guide will take you from studio to studio, all studios are on walking distance from each other.

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20 juni 2019



Waalsekaai 14

2000 Antwerpen, België

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Creative Network


16,92 — 32,65 euro

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