Let's Talk Design #24

Let’s Talk Design (since 2013) is a series of evenings with speakers from the creative sector talking about their work. At our events, we let established creatives talk about their work next to young & upcoming talent. Our events are all about getting inspired and connect with fellow creatives in an open low-key environment.


Kid Kura aka Saman Dezai is a young visual artist from Eindhoven, The Netherlands. In his work he takes you on a journey in his surreal dream world.

At Creneau International we will listen to you but we will not always believe what you say. We might ask many annoying questions and if you ask us for an answer you might just get another question that’s because there are no answers, only options, let’s choose the best one. And sorry, we will not work for you, we will work with you and that’s a complete different relationship. Oh, and if you want us to copy something existing, again sorry, we can’t help you. We’re allergic to copycats. The cats we like are the ones that dare to take risks and stand out. And although we are a design and branding agency we realize that design and branding are mere surface. The invisible parts of a concept are the parts that will shape the surface and these are as important, that’s why we like to dig deep before we even start to form a surface.

Twomas is made up of duo Thomas Léon (Creative Director at Base Design) and Thomas Byttebier (Digital Director at Base Design). Together, they drive the conceptual and creative output of the Brussels studio, from strategy to design and digital. 

Davy Denduyver is a Bruges based freelance art director & graphic designer. Running his own fashion brand Lost In The World, and being one half of multidisciplinary creative duo Studio Dada, the 27-year-old uses his DIY attitude he got from his roots in hardcore-punk to take on just about anything. Trying not to be dependent on different mediums and formats, he strictly believes in passion and creativity. Mixing punk and hip-hop and a strong passion for storytelling into dynamic images, t-shirts and whatever else floats his mind is what he does best.



19 maart 2020



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