Let's Talk Design Amsterdam

On October 4th, Creative Network will host the nineteenth edition of Let's Talk Design in Amsterdam. Below is the first two speakers of the evening, two more will be announced in the next weeks.


  • José Bernabé is a designer & illustrator currently based in the city of Amsterdam focus on custom typography, lettering and illustration. After finishing his studies of design and illustration, José has worked at some of the most renamed advertising agencies and is running his own studio in Amsterdam.
  • Vrints-Kolsteren is founded by Vincent Vrints and Naomi Kolsteren and based in Antwerp. We work locally and internationally and offer creative direction, photography and graphic design. We engage in ongoing partnerships and are creating a network of creative talent by working in a collaborative way.

  • Beast Animation directs and produces stop motion animated content.

  • Random is an independent strategy and design studio that partners with brands to inspire and deepen meaningful relationships.

More information can be found on the website of Creative Network.




4 oktober 2018



De Brakke Grond
Nes 45

Amsterdam, Nederland

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Creative Network


16,92 euro (student) — 32,65 euro (professional)

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