Make a Mark Brussels

Make a Mark is a 12-hour design and development marathon benefitting local humanitarian causes.


Make a Mark is about creating an equity of design for organizations that worry about the toughest problems in our cities, slave over grants and reports, and sacrifice money and time with their families so we don’t have to think about or solve these same problems.

Most nonprofits don't have the resources, time, or know-how to design and develop the things it could take creatives just a day to make. During the make-a-thon of 12 hours Make a Mark gathers the best designers and developers to work on projects for the most impactful organizations in the most creative and purposeful communities around the globe.

Each make-a-thon is organized independently by locals in each community that want to make a difference on the problems that matter most to their region. You can find all the locations here

Make a Mark Brussels

All creatives, makers, and builders are invited to apply. Whether you're a designer, developer, film maker, illustrator, photographer, or anything else, a deserving non-profit in our area may be able to make use of your strengths, skills, and altruism. Your application also helps to decide what project to put you on, so be sure to share all of the work you love to do in your portfolio or elsewhere in the application.

You can also apply as a non-profit or a volunteer to help out. 

The next Make a Mark Brussels will take place March 7, 2020. The deadline to apply is January 10, 2020.


10 januari 2020


Muntpunt + Beurscafé
Munt 6

1000 Brussel, België

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