Open call: unleashing creativity for European water management

This call aims to unite the digital with the arts in order to promote a European policy vision on the future of water and to help raise societal awareness on water use. Artistic residencies in companies will help inducing a change of mind-set and novel ideas regarding the preservation of water resources. Consortia will propose concrete ideas at the nexus of art, digital, and water that will lead to a sustainable set of actions and a burgeoning community. Links to existing initiatives like STARTS and Digital Innovation Hubs are encouraged.

The goal of this pilot project is therefore to unite the digital technologies with the arts in order to promote a strong unified European policy vision on the future of water use. Performances, installations, and artworks can address the need to raise societal awareness and make sense of data in context of SDGs and European water management. AR or VR installation can help trigger concrete ways how to induce a more sustainable use of water and water resources (ocean, rivers, lakes) on a policy, collective and individual level.

Who is eligible?

The call is open to a grouping of entities (consortia) 

Proposals may be submitted by any of the following applicants or combinations of: 

  • Non-profit organisation (private or public)
  • Public authorities (national, regional, local)
  • Universities
  • Educational institutions
  • Foundations
  • Research/technology and art centres 
  • Profit making entities
  • International organisations 

Natural persons are not eligible to apply for a grant under this call for proposals. 

Admission requirements

In order to be admissible, applications must be: 

  • Sent no later than the deadline for submitting applications (September 4th 2020).
  • Submitted in writing and in electronic form (searchable pdf format) using the application form available at this website.
  • Drafted in one of the EU official languages. 

Failure to comply with those requirements will lead to rejection of the application.


4 september 2020


European Commission



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