Open call: Devcom Digital 2020

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It’s going to be a different gamescom this year. The world’s grandest stage to showcase new and upcoming games has been physically torn down by COVID-19. While it will be difficult to recreate the unique Cologne experience, there is the possibility to replace your physical gamescom attendance. You can take part in the Belgian game pavillion at Devom Digital 2020! 

What is DDC20?

DDC20 is a two-week digital event (17 - 30 August) full of matchmaking, talks, meet-ups and digital exhibitions. Attendees will get access to all of this great content through a desktop/mobile virtual event app. As DDC20 will operate as gamescom’s core b2b initiative, it’s also the place where the virtual Belgian country pavilion will set up camp to create extra visibility for your own virtual booth.

Hard to picture what it looks like?

  • Every attending company gets their own virtual booth, which is essentially your own virtual space on the platform people can visit.
  • Next to showcasing all the information about your game and company, you can stream content (or embed your Twitch channel), enable live chat with visitors, offer downloads and set up and manage your team members’ meetings. 
  • You’ll also get access to real-time visitor data and can leave your contact details when nobody’s around to “man” the booth. 
  • It’s basically your virtual base of operations from which you can literally run your show. 
  • On top of this powerful tool 2 team members get access to all the talks, panels, and three ways of meeting people: one-on-one video meetings, quick (3 to 5 minutes) pitches Business Speed Dating and the Random Networking Lounge, where AI will introduce you to people that match your profile.


Interested Flemish games companies can register with Flanders Investment and Trade. The deadline for signing up is July 15.


15 juli 2020


Flanders Investment & Trade, FLEGA, AWEX/Digital Wallonia,, VAF/GAME,, WALGA, Flanders DC


450 euro

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