Open call: Upcoming exhibition Design Helps during Designblok 2020

Design searches for a solution. Design helps in times of prosperity and in times of a crisis. Design is not a superstructure but the basic for improving people's lives. Design brings new values. Design is an investment for our future. Does your design addresses one of these things? Then take part in the Design Helps exhibition during Prague International Design Festival 2020.

About Design Helps

We live in the period of coronavirus pandemic, designers come up with new products and ideas that address current issues, such as mitigating the effects of a crisis. This is a long-term task for designers - to investigate, experiment and search for new solutions in all areas of human activity - from ecology, healthcare to education or culture. The exhibition Design Helps focuses especially on designers who help to solve problems and move the boundaries with their ideas.

Do you have a project that has not only helped in these ways? Join the planned exhibition which will take place from 7 till 11 October in a public space in the city center of Prague. 

How to apply?


30 juni 2020





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