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Our mission is to support the commercial, creative and innovative power of the textile business. Over the last decades, we successfully created the international trade fairs Decosit, Intirio and MoOD+Indigo Brussels. Today, with the industry on the path to digital transformation, we have opted for a groundbreaking new approach: Textirama Foundation.

Twice a year we fund innovative projects in the textile industry. Submit your project and be the first to receive a 40.000 euros funding.

What is it?

Textirama Foundation focuses on innovation, digital transition and value creation in the textile industry. Twice a year the Foundation launches an open call for ambitious, innovative projects and ideas that challenge the sector and stimulate the transformation. The finalists receive financial and professional support.

Our goal consists of 3 main parts:

  • creating new opportunities for innovation
  • engaging young people with the textile industry
  • strengthening the image of the sector

The submitted projects must be in line with the vision of the Textirama Foundation.

Which projects and ideas are welcome?

It is a call for ideas, concepts, products, materials or processes that can help the sector move forward. This is not a design competition, it is an innovation competition.

We define innovation as a change that creates value. Such a change may involve several aspects. For example, innovations can be purely marketing-oriented but can also concern the digitisation of the production process or logistics, or new, sustainable materials.

In short, innovations can concern media, markets, products and processes (M2P2) . This initiative focuses on innovations at the interface of B2B marketing, digitisation and the textile, interior and decoration sector.

A distinction is made between:

  1. Take-off projects: proposals that already have a concrete elaboration, for example a prototype or a proof of concept
  2. Projects that still are in the concept idea phase.

For whom?

Any person or company, residing in Belgium that has a project (entrepreneurs) or idea (students) that contributes to the innovative power or digital transition of the textile industry.


Textirama Foundation will launch a call for proposals twice a year. The submission of proposals is permanently open, but the two half-yearly deadlines are March 31 and October 30.

The call for proposals will be officially launched on the following dates:

  • February/March
  • September/October

Projects submitted after the cut-off date are automatically carried forward to the next six months.


30 oktober 2019


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