Open call: Integrated2019

Integrated is a biennial international conference organised by St Lucas School of Arts Antwerp (Karel de Grote University College) in collaboration with deSingel international arts campus, ARIA (Antwerp Research Institute of the Arts), the University of Antwerp, the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp and Valiz Amsterdam. The 2019 edition will take place on 5, 6 and 7 November in deSingel in Antwerp.

The conference highlights the changing positions of designers, visual and performing artists, architects and scientists and examines how they can be the connecting actors in this restless and complex society. The conference aims to stimulate the development of new practices that, from political, social and environmental motives, create connections as a fundamental contribution to our society and the creative community. Under the banner ‘Radical Imagination’, Integrated2019 is inviting leading international artists, designers, architects, scientists, politicians and activists who offer us a radically different view of the world and of our future. We are not talking about creative dreamers with some otherworldly idea, nor about ‘mainstream influencers’ who want to saddle us with the latest trends. What we are offering, rather, is a platform for original perspectives that speak to the collective imagination, panoramas that realign our image of art, technology and design, that readjust our understanding of the city, the country or society as a whole and that, as a result, make us restless and self-critical in the best possible manner. Please read the essay 'Radical Imagination' before you decide to participate in this open call.

Download essay.

Call for submissions

The Integrated conferences are known for their atypical approach, in which controversy is always present. The organisers are therefore looking for sharp, visionary and even contradictory interventions, which we typically approach with an open mind. A large part of the three-day programme will be completed through this open call. This notice is addressed to students, teachers, researchers, professionals and anyone who wishes to present an interesting project that speaks to the theme of 'Radical Imagination'.


The proposals that respond to this open call are exclusively submitted via our Google form, to which the link is provided further below:

  • only use the appropriate fields
  • the word limit for all abstracts is 250 words
  • supplementary material can be uploaded as a PDF (including links to websites, online portfolios, talks, movies, etc)

In your proposal you will clearly describe your intentions/outline for one or more of the following:

  • short lectures/performances/interventions on the main stage (limited to 20 minutes)
  • video screenings/performances (limited to 20 minutes, self-running)
  • performances in the public space, autonomously set-up and organised (inside or outside the venue)
  • discussion groups (limited to 60 minutes)
  • Speakers Corner Revisited (see bottom of procedure)


Your lecture/performance/workshop/screening/discussion should be tailored to the theme of Radical Imagination. We expect your topic to be (as described in one or more of the following terms): Radical, pictorial, contemplative, investigative, performed, declamatory, philosophical, solution-oriented, future-oriented.

  • graphic design at large (graphic design, illustration, communication)
  • fine arts/performing arts
  • web, data and technology
  • photography, video, mixed media
  • philosophy and literature (related to design/art at large)
  • science (related to design/art at large)
  • urbanism & architecture


  • the deadline for proposal submissions is May 31, 2019.
  • a notification of the decision will be provided by June 15, 2019.


The Integrated2019 program committee will thoroughly evaluate all entries and make a selection according to one of the following criteria.

  • the innovative aspects of the work
  • the recognizable influence inside or outside their area of expertise
  • the particular research method, working process
  • the specific philosophical, theoretical or art historical point of view
  • the specific activist position
  • intrinsic qualities of the project, publication, exhibition or product

When selected by the jury:

  • you will be invited to join our conference as a speaker
  • you will be contacted to arrange all the practical aspects of your talk or intervention
  • you will receive a financial compensation (to cover your journey and stay)

If your proposal is not witheld:

  • you are welcome to join our conference as a participant.
  • you are free to participate in the 'Speaker’s corner revisited'. This is an open platform in the spacious staircase plaza at the entrance of the building. Participants are invited to take the initiative for this themselves

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