Open call: raw media

Werktank and Recto-Verso offer a residency for installation artists working in the field of media art, including digital art, internet and computer-based art, robotics, science art, bio-art and all off their crossovers and hybrids. The residency will consist of two parts: a development and research residency in Werktank in Leuven (Belgium) in autumn/winter 2020, followed by a production residency with Recto-Verso in Quebec (Canada) in January 2021.

Werktank and Recto-Verso welcome all proposals, but would particularly invite applications from artists who integrate the political within their aesthetical approach and/or combine media art with an interest for the sculptural, the monumental and the material properties of media. In these troubled times, when divisiveness is so rampant, we consider it vital to create spaces that bring people together and allow us to regain contact with the raw beauty of our inner worlds and collective imaginations. Now is the time, more than ever, to break away from the rigidity of the established order with great joie the vivre. We dream more than ever of extraordinary disobedience, resistance and delight.  

The residency comes with a production grant of 8.000 Canadian dollars, a presentation fee of 2.000 Canadian dollars and free accommodation in Canada. Also included are free access to technical facilities within the host institutions, artistic and technical advise, distribution of the finished work within the professional networks of Recto-Verso and MOIS MULTI.

Applications should be submitted online and must include a CV, (audio)-visual documentation of previous works and a preliminary plan or sketch of the proposed project to be developed within the residency. 

Please submit your application to

Deadline for this call is 21st February 2020. 


21 februari 2020





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