Optimo Trendseminar 2018

On Thursday June 21 WOOD.BE and OPTIMO offer you a rich and varied program on the trends for 2018 and beyond. This year, they present you a new formula: three captivating keynote speakers and a summary of the Paris, Milan and Cologne fairs and their city circuits.


15h: Welcome

15h30: Intro / Chris De Roock, WOOD.BE / Optimo
15h35: FAIRS FLASHBACK 2018 / Optimo
15h50: THE FUTURE OF LIVING / Siegrid Demyttenaere
16h30: FAIRS FLASHBACK 2018 / Optimo
16h35: THE FUTURE OF DESIGN / Sylvain Willenz

17h15: Coffee break

17h40: FAIRS FLASHBACK 2018 / Optimo
17h45: THE FUTURE OF TRADE / Daria Krivonos
18h25: FAIRS FLASHBACK 2018 / Optimo
18h30: Wrap-up & questions

18h45: Networking cocktail


  • Fairs Flashback 2018 - By Optimo

The Optimo team presents you "FAIRS FLASHBACK 2018": an analysis of the innovations noticed during the fairs and major design events of the year, based on a selection of macro-trends.
Susanna Campogrande and Alan Dergent will bring you this analysis through a choice of dazzling and inspiring images.

  • The future of living - By Siegfrid Demyttenaere, Art Director

Siegrid Demyttenaere is a founding partner and co-editor of DAMN° magazine and also the art director of the publication. She is the owner of Waterproof, a visual communication office with national and international clients in different fields of the creative business. She recently co-founded FonsAndré, a creative residency in the South of France. In addition, she undertakes a number of private commissions as an art director for companies and institutions.
Siegrid teaches in the School of Arts in Gent and works as an exhibition organiser & curator. Recent projects include the Poème Brut exhibition at the Design Museum Gent, the Graduation shows of the Masters (section applied arts) at the Gent School of Arts and recently the ‘Belgium is Design’ exhibition and DAMN at Palazzo Litta in Milan.

  • The future of trade - By Sylvain Wilenz, head of design at SWDO

Born in Brussels in 1978, Sylvain Willenz has lived consecutively in the US, Belgium and in the UK. Sylvain studied MA Design Products at the Royal College of Art in London, graduating in 2003. In 2004, Sylvain opened his Design Office. In 2009, Sylvain was named Belgian Designer of the Year.
SWDO is an international multi-disciplinary design office based in Brussels, Belgium. Focus is given to product and furniture, as well as installation and exhibition design and creative direction.
SWDO collaborates internationally with clients such as Hay (DK), Stattmann Neue Moebel (DE), Hem (SE), Established & Sons (UK), Cappellini (IT), Durlet (BE), Joli (BE), amongst others.
The office has been granted some of the most highly considered awards including several iF Awards and Red Dot “Best of the Best” Awards in Product Design. In 2009, the TORCH light collection was nominated Best in Lighting and Overall Best Product of the Year at the UK Grand Designs Awards.

  • The future of trade - By futurist Daria Krivonos, CIFS

Every day companies and organisations make strategic decisions of great importance for the future. Decisions that often have to be made quickly. Contributing with knowledge and inspiration, the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies supports decision-making. They identify and analyse trends that influence the future nationally and internationally.
The work of the Institute is interdisciplinary. The staff represents various fields of academic and professional backgrounds such as economics, political science, ethnography, psychology, engineering, PR and sociology.
Daria Krivonos is a Senior Advisor and Futurist at the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies. Her experience is rooted in analytics within economics, geopolitics and risk management, spanning across multiple industries. Daria has worked extensively with global trade, energy markets and adjacent sectors, strategic, operational and project risk management, as well as supported long term planning processes and projects.


21 juni 2018



Hof-ter-Veelstdreef 5

1070 Anderlecht, België

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