#PrepareTheFair webinars: How to get press coverage for your game?

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Flanders DC

We can't say it enough: standing out in the flood of game releases every day, is absolutely essential to launch your newest game. No matter how revolutionary your game is; if nobody knows it exists, that's worth nothing. So media attention is always welcome. Unfortunately, only few manage to create it.

During this webinar, we help you think about a smart public relations strategy to get positive press coverage. Game journalist Ronald Meeus (De Morgen, 9lives, Data News, Trends and Invader) shares his tips and tricks for a successful pr approach based on his own experience. Ronald calls himself a writer, journalist and digital storyteller with a slightly unhealthy interest in video games, technology and business stories, and has almost two decades on the counter in those three specialties. In addition to his contributions in various general and specialized media, he also writes for some brands. We recommend following the webinar live, for a better experience and live interaction. But also if you're not available for live attendance, you can subscribe. We will send you a recording of the webinar afterwards.

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10 juli 2019



Flanders DC



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