The Rentrée: Belgian Digital Champions

The fourth edition of The Rentrée will take place on 19 September. The event is organised by Belgian Association of Marketing (BAM) and will focus on technology and marketing.

Technology and marketing

The objective of the BAM Belgian Digital Champions is to present to the marketing and media players the latest digital technologies developed in Belgium. This year, we gathered a panel of some 18 companies active in Artificial Intelligence, Chatbot, Data Management, Machine Learning, Predictive Analysis, Advertising platforms, Dynamic Drive to store solutions, Dashboarding, Management tools, Influencers management tool, etc.

A real journey of the best of 100% Belgian technology, 100% Mark-Ad Tech. From the start-up to the already well-established company, this panel of "Belgian Digital Champions" will allow you to discover the tools and partners that will help you achieve your marketing objectives. A unique opportunity to get to know these actors, their dynamism and their creativity. These companies will present their product or service along with of one of their clients. This dialogue will give you a clear idea of each technology and its practical application in practice, with supporting results.

And we conclude with the BAM Party to celebrate the second birthday of BAM.


  • Bert Van Wassenhove, BAM Start&Scale Hub Vice-President; Venture Publisher The CoFoundry
  • Jean-Pol Boone, BAM Start&Scale Hub Vice-President; Co-Founder & CEO

  • Lara Chammah, Programmatic Expert Roularta Media Group

  • Vincent Franken, Co-Founder and Axel Gekiere, Co-Founder

  • Segolene Martin, CEO Kantify and Jean-Louis Van Houwe, CEO & Founder Monizze

  • Jonathan Wuurman, Evangelist ACTITO 

  • Erwin Danis, Directeur Innovatie Roularta

  • Pierre-Olivier Danhaive, Founder & CEO Verbolia and Frederik Verkaeren, HR IS Solutions Manager Engie

  • Jean-Philippe Blerot, Head of digital & E-commerce projects Carrefour and Georges-Alexandre Hanin, CEO Mobilosoft

  • Tine Dirckx, Managing Director Field & Concept and Karel Callens, CEO 

  • Thierry Ascarez, CEO Musimap and Joachim Kirschstein, Founder and CEO Brandtrax

  • Peter Desmyttere, Founder & inspirator Husky Marketing Planner

  • Anton Mussche, Co-Founder Stampix

  • Mathis André, Co-founder & CEO Faqbot

  • Eric Van Der Haegen, CRO Root

  • Bart Baeyens, Co Founder Hashting

  • Fokke Lowie, Online Marketing Manager MediaMarkt-Saturn BeLux and Nicolas Coppee, Co-Founder and Managing Director Luckycycle

  • Rabin Nuchtabek, Growth Strategist MAD Kings

  • Wouter Buckinx, Managing Partner Python Predictions and Xavier Valentini, Customer Insights Manager Delhaize Belgium

  • Hans Pauwels, Founder & CEO Tappable

More information about the programme can be found on the website.


19 september 2019



The Villa
Dilbeek Noord

1702 Dilbeek, België

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BAM-lid: 129 euro excl. BTW / niet-BAM-lid: 199 euro excl. BTW

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