The shift towards circular fashion & textile

The European Green Deal will change the fashion industry. Companies will be legally obliged to make a more efficient use of their resources, push back contamination and restore biodiversity. More than ever before, organizations will have to consider a transition to a circular operation. This webinar will focus on the need for this transition.

We will use TOP-atelier as a case, in which IVOC, its partners and five designers want to present the process of textile upcycling - from inferior residue streams to high-quality product - as an opportunity for the Belgian clothing industry. TOP-atelier is an initiative of IVOC, Creamoda, Doek vzw, Ecoso and Prospex Institute, with the support of Vlaanderen Circulair.

Ann Collier of IVOC (the training center of the Belgian fashion and clothing industry), who is also coordinator at TOP-atelier, will explain how this research came about, which were the open questions at the beginning of the research and where we are today.

Five designers

We will meet five designers facing the challenge of offering their circular products to the clothing industry and turn this into a profitable business model. After each designer duo there will be time for Q&A.

  • Caro Peirs - Tropas
  • Eloïse Maës & Audrey Werthle - La Gadoue
  • Veerle Tytgat & Sophie De Somere - Triptiek
  • Hannah Vanspauwen (designer) & Tiny Geeroms (photographer) - Paule Josephe
  • Soraya Wancour - Studio AMA

To conclude, Valérie Boiten (former employee of Prospex Institute) explains what has surprised us during the TOP-atelier research and what the answers are to our questions so far.

We finish the afternoon with a round of questions.


  • Introduction: Why make the shift towards circular fashion/textile? - Rozanne Henzen, AMS
  • View on the role of learning labs like TOP-atelier to speed up industry transition – Ann Collier, IVOC
  • Presentation TOP-atelier cases by Tropas, La Gadoue, Triptiek, Paule Josephe & Studio AMA + Q&A after each designer
  • Insights & lessons learned TOP-atelier – Valérie Boiten
  • Open Q&A



19 juni 2020



Antwerp Management School



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