United Fashion Project at Berlin Fashion Week

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This program is organized in the framework of the United Fashion Project and will take place during the Berlin Fashion Week from 2 to 5 July 2018. It aims at European fashion designers who are interested in expanding to the German market. The Belgian brand HNST has been selected by Flanders DC and the Fashion Council Germany to join this program! The goal of Tom Duhoux, owner of HNST, is to produce the world's most sustainable jeans. As a result, the HNST jeans will be the first ever to be made out of 50% of recycled denim!

Berlin Fashion Week

Twice a year, Berlin becomes an international stage for fashion and lifestyle. At the Berlin Fashion Week, fashion lovers, buyers, trade visitors and media representatives meet for shows and awards. Highlights of the Berlin Fashion Week are the trade fairs PREMIUM Exhibitions at STATION Berlin, the PANORAMA, Seek, Bright, Selvedge Run, Show & Order, Greenshowroom and Ethical Fashion Show Berlin.

German Fashion Market

Germany is Europe’s largest national economy and its biggest consumer of apparel and footwear, according to Euromonitor. Germans like functional wear and rather go for understatement and simplicity. Subtle and less ‘fashion’ labels are the most appreciated by the consumer. Berlin is the creative epicentre of Germany. Unpretentious, edgy and socially conscious, Berlin hosts several pioneer stores, including Darklands, Andreas Murkudis and Bless offering ground-breaking fashion and interior design objects.

United Fashion Project

The United Fashion Project is carried out by a cluster of organisations active in the fashion sector in Europe, namely MAD Brussels (BE), Flanders DC (BE), ModaLisboa (PT), Baltic Fashion Federation (LV), Maison de Mode (FR), Fashion Weekend Skopje (MK), Fashion Council Germany (DE) and Not Just A Label (UK). The aim of this project supported by the Creative Europe programme of the EU is to enhance the culture of fashion designers across Europe to be more business minded and to stimulate their competitiveness internationally, without limiting their creativity. 

You can read more about the project here.


Preliminary programme of the Berlin Fashion Week 2018:

  • July 2
    Arrival of the designers
    Exclusive event: Fashion Council Germany FIRESIDECHAT 
  • July 3 
    Opening of the Fashion Week and fashion showrooms
    FCG Showroom @ PREMIUM
  • July 4 
    FCG Showroom @ PREMIUM
  • July 5 
    Workshop training on Distribution & Press in Germany
    FCG Showroom @ PREMIUM
    Departure of the designers

2 juli tot 5 juli 2018


Flanders DC



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