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UNWRAP is the first event in Belgium that brings the entertainment industry (music, film and games) together and that aims to build bridges between the different industries.  It's not by accident that the baseline of the festival is ‘the future of entertainment’. Howest (with the world renowned education Digital Arts and Entertainment), co-creation hub Hangar K and Music organization Wilde Westen are joining hands for this event. Visit UNWRAP in Kortrijk on the 14th and 15th of October.

You can expect inspiring sessions which take a look forward towards the future of the entertainment industry. Kortrijk Weide is the place to be for this event. All event locations are on or adjacent to this site and are easily accessible, both by car as by public transportation.

What to expect?

On October 14th - the program is focused around talks.  We have some big names from the entertainment industry on the schedule to give their inspiring talks. Every session is followed by a Q&A.  There will be around 20 different sessions to choose from. In between the sessions there is room for a lunch. The conference day is closed with a Game Pitch Café and an included networking party.​

On October 15th - students, alumni and companies meet each other at “The Level” for the first Belgian Career fair for the international entertainment industry.  During both days, interesting pitches and panel talks will take place in Hanger K. The 2 day Unwrap festival will be closed by a networking party and live music performance in Depart.

Info & tickets

Find out the full program and book your tickets on the Unwrap website.


14 oktober tot 15 oktober 2021


Howest, Hangar K en Wilde Westen


Student: 25 euro / Pro: 100 euro

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