Vienna Calling: Creatives

The “Vienna Calling: Creatives” funding programme supports Austrian and international companies within the creative industries that are developing new products, sales channels, services or processes in Vienna or in cooperation with a Viennese company.

  • Who is eligible: Companies in the founding process and existing companies in the national and international creative economy from the fields of architecture, design, art market, fashion, multimedia, publishing, music business and film business
  • Eligible costs: Internal personnel costs, external services, material costs, travel costs, founding costs
  • Eligible criteria: Creative-artistic quality of the project, positive effects on Viennese value creation, economic sustainability, adequate project planning, sufficient resources
  • Women’s bonus: Any funded projects with proven female management will receive an additional €5,000.
  • Submission: With the online funding application from 1 January 2019 to 30 June 2019. The funding application is to be submitted before the project begins.

Funding rate: 50 %, with collaborations, 60%; Max. funding amount: €150,000 per project; Minimum project size: €10,000, Women’s bonus: €5,000

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