Voxdale Co-Creation Day 2019

The second edition of 'Voxdale Co-Creation Day 2019' brings you inspiring testimonials and expert talks on the power of co-creation. This event takes place on 24 October in Bike Valley, Beringen. 

We promise you an educational and entertaining day where you can learn new skills that can help you work towards effective co-creation. This year we are covering several exciting fields of expertise such as The Future of Mobility - Formula E, Simulate to Innovate - Digital Twins to rescue and The Age of Robotics - The harbour of the Future.  

The speakers:

  • Dilbagh Gill, CEO and Team Principal of the Formula E team. Dillbagh has more than two decades of experience working in technology and business development. He developed unique sporting technology practices that led him to working on high-profile programmes like FIFA world cup and A1GP.
  • Paul Depauw, founder & neurosurgeon of Ergotrics. Paul is a board certified neurosurgeon since 2003, he has worked in more than 15 hospitals in the BENELUX. He founded 'Ergotrics' that is designed to safely mobilize and position patients for surgery on a operating table.

  • Bart Van Acker, founder & CEO of Quality by Design (QbD). QbD has more than 180 employees in six different countries (Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, France, Mexico and Colombia) and about 50 different clients. A number that’s still growing every day.

  • Glenn Mathijssens, CEO of Alberts. Alberts provides personalized food in a hassle-free and pure way. Today, they have several Alberts Smoothie Stations in the field at offices and schools that prepare fresh smoothies on the spot using 100% natural ingredients (fruit, veggies and water) and that can be personalized through the Alberts App. The next version of our vending machine will be a Soup Station for fresh soups.

  • Lenny Duwyn, He has been part of the Alberts team for 2,5 years. In collaboration with the University of Antwerp, Vrije Universiteit Brussel and Alberts, Lenny will design a cobot-assisted manufacturing and (dis)assembly. First results will be presented in November at IEEE IROS 2019 in Macau.

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24 oktober 2019



Bike Valley
Tervantstraat 2b

3583 Beringen, België

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