[W]interieuravond: Switchrs, Manu Vollens, designing for the circular

Manu is co-founder of Switchrs, a multidisciplinary innovation collective that focuses on social-circular economy. On a daily base, he helps companies to define new sustainable business opportunities by facilitating workshops and developing products, services, business models and much more. He also loves experimenting with his own micro-businesses and tools to facilitate change and design thinking.

Our current global economy is dominated by a linear model of production and consumption, in which materials are transformed into products that are sold, used and almost always end-up as “waste”. With global warming, price rises and the growing pressure on resources this “take-make-dispose” model needs a proper update: welcome circular economy!

In this interactive talk, Manu will talk about the crucial role designers have to foster the shift from a linear to a circular economy. Which (circular) design principles do we need to take into account, from which companies can we learn and how can you create impact today?

Any specific questions you like to get answered? Feel free to send them upfront to manu@switchrs.com. The lecture will be held in English.


28 februari 2019



Campus Faydherbe
Zandpoortvest 16

2800 Mechelen, België

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