Lies Mertens

Intern Marketing



Who is Lies Mertens? Lies Mertens is a fashion start-up based in Antwerp, Belgium. They design leather goods which combine efficiency and elegance in a sustainable way. They highly value quality, detail and functionality. 
The brand was established in 2017 and grew rapidly. They opened a flagship store, launched collabs with other artists and won important industry-related awards, among others. The team now consists of a shop manager, a business developer, a marketing & communications officer and of course, Lies Mertens herself. You’ll play a supporting role in the marketing actions, including setting up partnerships, email marketing, managing social media accounts and much more! 

Whether you’re a student or just want to have a first work experience: contact them and they’ll gladly discuss your options. 

Who are you? 

  • You have a grade in marketing or communications or you’re just very motivated to learn more about the wonderful, exciting world of digital marketing. 
  • You already know a thing or two about social media, especially Instagram. 
  • You like to think about telling a story - both in terms of visuals and messaging - and coming up with creative ideas. 
  • You show initiative. You don’t wait until someone tells you what to do; you see and complete tasks independently. 
  • You have affinity with fashion and a predicilition for brands that are fair, sustainable and eco-friendly. 
  • You’re discrete when it comes to communicating with customers and completely indiscrete when chatting with your colleagues. 
  • As graphic design skills are always a plus, you might be able to work with Adobe Creative Suite (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop). 

What will you do? 

  • You’ll have a lot to do with our social media accounts. You listen (following and engaging with other accounts), create social media posts and help set up (paid) social campaigns. 
  • You have the chance to play a strategic role, coming up with new campaign ideas. This depends on you: show us some action! 
  • You get the chance to sharpen your technical marketing skills: you’ll help set up our marketing automation and Google Analytics. 
  • You’re actively researching and contacting possible digital partnerships. 
  • You’ll work on lots of different projects, based on your own interests. Want to create a video channel or host a contest? There’s a sea of possibilities. 

What do they have to offer you? 

  • You get the chance to help expand and transform a new and exciting business. They guarantee you it’s not only satisfying, but they also believe this will truly boost your career. 
  • Working in a start-up means you’re strongly involved in every project. You get the chance to pursue your own interests and learn learn a lot. 
  • They also expect you to be flexible... but they can be flexible too. They’re not talking about our yoga experiences, but about working from home and flexible office hours. The length of your internship and amount of working days are up for discussion. 
  • There are a lot of opportunities to meet new people in the industry, whether you’re going to events or welcoming customers in the Antwerp-based, cute and cosy office. 

Apply now! Send your resume and motivation letter to