Stagair PR Assistant

Job description

Intern PR Assistant (Antwerp office, sept - jan)

1. Communication assignment

  • Preparing press release
  • Lay outing
  • Executing media selections
  • Follow up of results & request of images

2. Organizational assignments (press conferences/events)

  • Assist the pr manager to budget the press event
  • To plan and assist in organizing all aspects according guidelines
  • To assists during the press conference/event
  • To follow up the results and handle all additional inquiries

3. Logistical operations (pressroom & pressdays)

  • To assist in managing the logistics for the pressroom
  • To understand the flow and assist in managing this process
  • To prepare press collections for lending out
  • To assist in the preparation for the kick-off of the new press season

4. Reporting assignments
To assist the pr manager with the reporting tasks such as:

  • preparing activity reports
  • preparing grids with values/statistics/comparisons
  • preparing monthly reports

5. R&D assignments

  • To assist us in doing research jobs, in collection relevant information
  • To assist and prepare the analysis
  • To assist in presenting the report and conclusions
  • To consult and research blogs, websites, media sites, social media...

6. Creative assignments

  • To suggest & implement new PR pitches into lifestyle media
  • To offer fresh inputs & ideas related to the current projects

7. Social Media & Influencer Campaigns


  • Positive, dynamic, spontaneous person
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Highly motivated team player with a proactive approach
  • Strong and flexible mindset
  • Good knowledge of Dutch, French and English
  • Excellent reporting skills: analysis and reporting

Interested to join our team in the Antwerp office?

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