FashionTech Works

Technology is functional, rational and scientific.
Fashion is aspirational, poetic and creative.
They are both about skills, methods and techniques.
Magic happens when the two merge and become fashiontech.
FashionTech Works.

Why does FashionTech works?

All kinds of technology are breaking down the doors of different industries and also seeping into every element of the fashion industry, what was - or even: still is -, a very traditional business model.

Wearable technology, AR, VR, data analytics, blockchain, nanotechnology, internet of things, robotics, 3D rendering, social media commerce... can all have an impact and added value on how we experience, create and consume fashion today and tomorrow. The countless innovations within technology are continually reshaping the world we live in today and it’s time for fashion to get on board.

A changing world creates new opportunities: challenges such as impact on the environment or towards the expectations of the customers today. We need innovation to create change and improvement. Fashiontech innovation ideally uses innovative business models, implements disruptive technologies and creates social impact.

The FashionTech Universe

Join and connect with the community

At Flanders DC we believe it is our role to communicate and exchange on emerging technologies to help designers and brands change the way they make, sell or show their collections; and to connect innovative thinkers across industries. We thoroughly believe that we can make a change, create a movement, that we can push our industry towards a brighter future together. That's why we take action both online and offline and want to involve you. We want you to take action, co-create, innovate.

In November our first FashionTech Works event took place in Antwerp. This was an international program in the framework of United Fashion, hosted by Flanders DC with the support of Creative Europe. 24 FashionTech cases from 11 countries were selected from 55+ applications. You can watch all the pitches from the participating companies. They were invited to attend workshops on circular fashion, the future of shopping and wearable tech. Discussing the current and future state of these topics while pinpointing the main challenges and opportunities as well as the limits and drivers.

With this program we also created visibility for all participants. For all entrepreneurs bringing your innovative concept in a comprehensive and appealing way is a must. With the pitch battle we challenged them to get to the core of their concept, the problem they are solving, the solution they are bringing, now and in the future.

In the evening the FashionTech (Net)Works Cocktail took place gathering the local FashionTech community in one room and connecting all innovative minds. We brought together local tech companies, with a link to fashion as well as fashion entrepreneurs, interested in technology. International FashionTech concepts and companies as well as specialied journalist and experts joined our network event in Antwerp.

Join our Facebook group FashionTech Works to get inspired and exchange your experiences and ideas. In this group we present inspiring cases from Belgium or International countries. You can also find the FashionTech cases presented at SuperNova 2018.

More FashionTech content will follow so keep and eye on the Facebook group for future updates!