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Flanders DC is the Flemish design and fashion centre and works towards strong and future-oriented entrepreneurship within design and fashion. Flanders DC supports these sectors in their role as drivers of economic and social progress by ensuring that designers from other economic sectors are more involved as innovation partners.

Flanders District of Creativity vzw used to support entrepreneurs from all creative sectors (such as design, fashion, but also games, marketing, media, architecture, film, music and arts) but from 2023 it will focus entirely on design and fashion.

Flanders DC wants to advise, support and bring together designers, entrepreneurs and companies from the design and fashion sector in Flanders, both when starting up, growing, internationalising and increasing brand awareness and recognition, with an extra focus on sustainability, technology, inclusion and creativity. We also encourage collaborations between the design and fashion sector and with companies from other sectors that pursue innovation.

As a non-profit organisation, we work on behalf of the Flemish government but adopt a neutral position. 

The design and fashion sector includes: fashion, accessories, jewellery, illustration, textile, crafts, brand design, graphic design, web design, digital design, collectible design, furniture design and interior, product design, service design, social design, spatial design, systemic design and industrial design.

Districts of Creativity

Flanders DC is the initiator and coordinator of the international Districts of Creativity (DC) Network, which unites 13 of the most creative and innovative regions around the world.

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