Are you interested in tech, innovation and the future? Don’t miss out on SuperNova! SuperNova is one of Europe’s biggest tech & innovation summits where today’s thought leaders, the most promising scale-ups in Europe, and outstanding companies from around the globe gather in Antwerp - to talk, pitch and showcase. Three reasons why you should join us at SuperNova.


1. The Tech Fair: Discover 80+ World-Class Technology Companies

SuperNova showcases 80+ world-class local technology companies that are at the forefront of disrupting traditional industries - ranging from large multinational players to disruptive newcomers with cutting-edge digital solutions.

Whether your company is active in the field of marketing, digital media or manufacturing, the Tech Fair is the perfect place to discover new and innovative products, platforms and solutions and meet your next potential clients, partners & customers!

2. The Conference: Think Like a Futurist with Today’s Game-Changers & Thought Leaders

Whether you are passionate about marketing or innovation, SuperNova invites you to listen to the keynotes of world-class experts and discover new insights to bring with you for the future! Discover all our global and local speakers at the Conference.

3. The Expedition: Experience the Technologies Shaping the Future

SuperNova is curating more than 120 mind-blowing interactive installations for the Expedition that spans across all aspects of living: from how we move and how we play to how we dress and consume entertainment. 


You wanna join SuperNova?

Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind event on September 27-30! Be quick and get your 10+1 ticket deal for your company now!