Amber Gyselings’ delicate illustrations arouse our curiosity for the ordinary things in life. This is her way of offering not only herself, but also her audience, a quiet moment in the hustle and bustle of life.

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Amber Gyselings

Amber Gyselings © Frederik Bull

Who is Amber Gyselings?

  • studied illustration at KASK School of Arts Ghent
  • worked for Knack, Bossy and Humbug, among others
  • has no affinity with anything digital, works completely manually

I pay tribute to everyday life through my detailed, colourful illustrations. I’m very aware of what at first seem like mundane things. They often make me smile. I want my drawings to make other people stand still, creating slowness in fleeting moments. Through my mainly female characters, I subtly bring more balance to the world of illustration, which was mainly dominated by men until recently. In my free work, I usually depict myself as a character.

Amber Gyselings for Stichting Ijsberg

For Stichting Ijsberg

Staying true to myself poses the biggest challenge. In the beginning, it was very exciting to create illustrations for magazines and newspapers. Now, I just make the image that feels right at that moment, without too much consideration for what I made before. At the same time, commercial projects push me to think differently, which also makes them inspiring. Even the tight deadline and accompanying creativity rush are sometimes a blessing.

Amber Gyselings So Young Magazine

For So Young Magazine

In my search for a balance between the artistic and business, I go fully for the artistic. Because I have another job as my main occupation, I give myself plenty of room to experiment and play. I fear I would have to compromise on the creative aspect if I had to make a living entirely from my illustrations. At the same time, I really need the illustrating. It gives me a chance to escape the chaos of reality for a while, and is very relaxing.

Amber Gyselings Humbug

For Humbug