From a medical device to detect allergies, earplugs that minimise ambient noise, sculptures made using Brazilian braiding techniques to a festival experience in virtual reality for wheelchair users, a plug-and-play home battery solution and a high-tech experience exhibition. These are just a few of the 27 diverse projects that have won a Henry van de Velde Award 24. Discover them all!

Discover the winners of the Gold, Silver, and Bronze Awards in each category at the ceremony taking place at Bozar on Tuesday, January 23, 2024. For further details on the winning projects and interviews with the winners, please visit Additionally, you'll have the opportunity to vote for the Public Gold Award. Which of the 27 projects deserves your vote?

Business Innovation

CIRCL, RainsOptic Fundus Link, S.P.A.T.

  • CIRCL (Groep Vanhout)

A digital housing concept that realises sustainable new-build or renovation projects in an industrial manner

  • RainsOptics Fundus Link, Studio Dott for C-MER RainsOptics

A medical device that uses a smartphone to examine the retina of the eye

  • S.P.A.T., Verhaert for Hippo Dx

A medical device to perform skin prick tests on allergy patients


Axiles Bionics Lunaris, Loop Earplugs, Robi

  • Axiles Bionics Lunaris, Achilles Design for Axiles Bionics

An ankle foot prosthesis that mimics the movements of the ankle and foot

  • Loop Earplugs Engage, Loop

Reusable hearing protection that minimises ambient noise  

  • Robi, Achilles Design for Robinetto

A modular under-the-sink solution that filters and enriches tap water


<Elegy>, Robotische serendipiteit, Tucumã

  • ‹Elegy›, Kexin Zhang

An artistic project in which animal bones were used as an expression of mourning and respect

  • Robotic serendipity, Lie Bormans, DMOA architects and Research[x]Design, Dep. Architectuur, KU Leuven for Sint-Annakapel bv

A method by which unique concrete textures can be designed and made on an architectural scale using craft and robotics

  • Tucumã, Atelier Balancê

Sculptures made using Brazilian braiding techniques

Design Research

Atlas of Lost Finds, De Droge Delta, Nanto

  • Atlas of Lost Finds, Unfold, Alexandre Humbert and Collectief Atlas of Lost Finds 

A study on the significant rematerialisation of lost heritage in collaboration with local communities and digital technologies

  • De Droge Delta, LAB SPACE – Department of Environment and Team Vlaams Bouwmeester

A design study of spatial levers in the fight against water scarcity

  • Nanto, Casper Van Herzele

A design-based study on the practical implementation of digital product passports in the clothing industry

Digital Product

Alcatraz, KMSKA-app, Shredders' 540INDY Invitational

  • Alcatraz — VR music experience, A Mad Production voor Alcatraz 

A virtual reality festival experience for wheelchair users

  • KMSKA App, Leap Forward for KMSKA

The KMSKA app where the user experience is central 

  • Shredders’ 540INDY Invitational, I-Illusions

A virtual snowboard competition that forms a bridge between the gaming community and the snowboard world


Archie, Fairbuds XL, nADA

  • Archie, Wisemen for Co-Laden

An app with booking system to operate an Archie charging station

  • Fairbuds XL, Studio Dott for Fairphone

Modular, sustainable noise-cancelling headphones

  • nADA, ACE Packaging

A 100% paper bag with integrated window area that is fully recyclable


Collages & assemblages, Letters op maat, Waters

  • Collages & assemblages, Adriaan Van Leuven for Verbeke Foundation

A book of more than a thousand pages featuring images from the Verbeke Foundation collection

  • Custom typefaces, Erik Desombere

Fonts developed from logo designs

  • Waters, Tim Bisschop for Hannibal Books

A book created to mark the events of the North Sea flood of 1953


Brion, MyGrid ModuleOne, Poly

  • Brion, Axelle Vertommen for Matière Grise

A series of lamps, created from angles, consisting of a metal inner and outer skin 

  • MyGrid ModuleOne, MyGrid and Roel Heyninck

A plug-and-play home battery solution

  • Poly, Michaël Kruijne for Drisag

A low lounge chair with a wide armrest that facilitates the use of a laptop or tablet


1302, Circulaire bouwkit voor leeromgevingen, LL102

  • 1302, for Stad Kortrijk

A high-tech experience exhibition at the Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekerk in Kortrijk that zooms in on the Battle of the Golden Spurs

  • Circular construction kit for learning environments, PG21 for Kamp C

A simulation and construction kit to get young people interested in circular and bio-based construction

  • LL102, URA - Yves Malysse en Kiki Verbeeck for Stad Gent

An artistic integration into the pedestrian tunnel under the railway in Ledeberg

Organisation: Flanders DC — Partners: VLAIO, Bozar, OVAM, Vlaamse Milieumaatschappij, Bokrijk