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Three, two, one-stop-shop

Navel-gazing at your own products or services is no longer enough.

Watch the laureates of the Henry van de Velde Awards 2016

services (partially) based on a design methodology or design attitude, that offer an answer to contemporary questions.

Henry van de Velde Design Solution Awards 2016

Efficiency: a prize for design solutions which reduce the cost of a product or service without reducing its quality.

Henry van de Velde Awards 2016

With the new Design Solution Awards we are highlighting products and services that offer an innovative and future-oriented answer to economic or social

Let's Think Design? Yes!

The objective is to involve consumers, designers and business people in an integrative process, which can be applied to product, service and business design

More Creative Fair Play!

It is assumed that they will deliver all sorts of services such as concept, design and synopsis free of charge.

Henry van de Velde Special Design Awards 2016

agency, specialised in human-centered design and one of the world’s leading agencies when it comes to digital, user experience and service design.

History of the organisation

Design Flanders aimed to expand the concept of design, focusing on service design, among other areas.

These are the 23 Henry van de Velde Award Winners 2019!

Rest assured, it was no easy task for the jury to chose the 23 Winners out of the 255 participating design objects, products and services, but they did