Behind Arthur Vandergucht’s bold designs hides a rather timid emotional person. Since discovering his love for metal, he has been wholeheartedly committed to the material and his techniques.

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Arthur Vandergucht

Arthur Vandergucht © Ringo Gomez-Jorge

Who is Arthur Vandergucht?

  • studied interior design at LUCA School of Arts Ghent
  • exhibited his work at Collectible in Brussels and Alcova in Milan
  • has his studio in his father’s garage

During my studies, I discovered my love for sculptural furniture and objects. Combined with my love of metalwork, I developed a personal visual language. While most designers would hide a structural element such as the pop rivets, I simply use them as decorative elements. The way the furniture is constructed and how the different pieces of metal merge into one whole also give a special dynamic to my work. It is fascinating that you can visually deduce the construction from the design. I strive to simplify the design to a minimum, both structurally and visually. When I look at an object, it is always through technically artistic glasses. Above all, I want to continuously improve myself. The functional aspect is thus less essential.

Arthur Vandergucht for Hugo Boss

For Hugo Boss

Although I had the opportunity to make 18 tables for Mix Brussels’ hotel lobby and created a unique piece for the 25th anniversary of Hugo Boss perfume, finding the right balance between the artistic and business aspects remains a challenge. I am 100% confident in what I do, and will not let an outsider discourage me. If you stay true to yourself artistically, then I am convinced that the business side will be fine in the long run anyway.

Rivet bench

In the meantime, I mainly try to have a lot of fun and reinvent myself over and over again. For instance, I was already working with aluminium and metal, and I am also experimenting with other materials. I rarely make sketches. I like being very hands-on when I work.

For Mix Brussels © Jeroen Verrecht

For Mix Brussels © Jeroen Verrecht