One year ago Annelies Lambert started her own fashion and beauty brand. Go as u.r  is a sustainable label which focuses on young, active women with an urban way of living. How did she prepare for the launch? In this video Annelies talks about negotiating with suppliers, making a business plan, defining prices, elaborating the communications en searching for investors.

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Annelies Lambert

“I started go as u.r because I'm really passionate about beauty and fashion. Young, active women who haven't got much time but want to look good are my target group. I worked on the development of the brand during one full year and I launched it one year ago.” 

“The hardest part of getting started was the phase with suppliers and negotiating quantities. It was a challenge to really find a good material for each style you've designed, that was also both sustainable and affordable. Ultimately, I ended up with a mix of recycled fibres and natural fibres, like wood pulp and reclaimed fishnets for the sportswear items.”

“To me, the biggest challenge in setting up a business plan was the financial bit, because you're still in the process of making things. I’ve compiled my portfolio, but I also had to determine sales channels and volumes.” 

“I determined product prices based on my expenses, analysed competitors for market prices and took margins for retailers into account. I sell through my website and also via a number of retailers and online platforms.” 

“Most of go as u.r's communication happens over Instagram and Facebook. As a brand, you can say loads of things, but people also want to hear from others about your brand. Finding good influencers, with a good brand fit and enough credibility is something I'm still working on.” 

“Right now I'm also busy talking to investors. Not only about capital, but also to bring new people into go as u.r.” 

Flanders DC actually helped me a lot in preparing my brand. In addition, I went to a number of Labs such as Starten in de Mode. You learn so much from it, because you meet so many other people, but also you pick up content. 

“My tip for starting entrepreneurs: surround yourself with experts early on, people who have done it or who have loads of experience.”

This video has been produced by De Machine.