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International promotion Business development for design, fashion

Chatbots, the communication channel of the future?

How does it work exactly and for which purposes can it serve the fashion industry? 

A smart view on the world with augmented reality

Which other opportunities lie in this technology and which benefits are there for the fashion industry? 

The Internet of Things connects everyday objects

How is this technology being used in the fashion industry today and what about the future? 

Blockchain, the decentralizing technology

How is it used today and how can it be used in the fashion industry?

Creative Ville

Upcoming talents from fashion, design, film, music, theatre, gaming or advertising have been surprising us every day with their creativity and are furthermore

United Fashion

After three years of reflections and gatherings, a consortium of 8 partners (Flanders DC, German Fashion Council, Fashion Week Corporation Ltd, Not Just


Every year Flanders DC distributes awards to projects, creatives and companies in design, fashion and gaming.